Monday, January 18, 2010

Semen Under A Black Light Does Female *** Show Up Under The C.s.i Blacklight Like Semen?

Does female *** show up under the c.s.i blacklight like semen? - semen under a black light

Programs such as CSI are always the male sperm, but never the testimony of a woman. So my question is the female in the dark or lighter fluid are not detectable?


Harriet said...

I think you can. ... - Refers to vaginal identified.
I think they can not see anything that your body is more or less.
I think that CSI is not in semen, because it is usually the evidence of the crime.
I remember an episode (not always), where the fluid in the vagina, I do not remember if it was not under light or.

Tomboy with girly tendencies said...

I suppose like all forms of BlackLight's DNA and display things like dirt, dust, etc.

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